I’ve had a flurry of girls coming for homeopathy to help teenage period problems recently so let’s look at how homeopathy can help.  In the first couple of years of periods, problems with pain or irregularity are common.  For some, these issues may resolve over time but even so can cause a lot of distress and anxiety meanwhile.  If you are a teenager struggling like this, homeopathy may well help you to deal more easily with the hormonal changes you are experiencing and settle into a more regular and manageable cycle.

What are the problems I often see?

The commonest hormonal problems I see in girls around the time of puberty are:

  • painful periods
  • PMS
  • irregular periods
  • teenagers concerned that their periods haven’t started

Homeopathy can help hormonal balance at any age so do book a free introductory call with me to learn more.

Painful periods

Some teenagers suffer severe period pain with feelings of nausea and faintness.  They may miss out on school and social activities that fall at the wrong time of the month.   Others may find painkillers enable them to carry on but they (or their parents) want to find more natural solutions.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can ease pain.  3 of the commonest and most readily available are listed below.  If one of these fits your symptoms, you may like to try it yourself and see if it helps.  If not, do consider getting in touch for a full consultation.

Here is what one teenage girl said at her first consultation with me and then after treatment:

before: “The pain doubles me up.  I just want to go to bed with a hot water bottle.  Sometimes I can’t even make it in to school.”

after: “much less pain and no cramps – a big improvement”

and this is a quote from the mother of a girl whose pain was making her feel faint, nauseous and dizzy:

“It worked!!  All she needed was one dose and it took all the pain away.  She was so happy!”


Another common complaint, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) takes many forms.  Possible symptoms include mood swings, irritability, crying, anxiety, bloating, tummy pain, painful breasts, headaches, food cravings and more.  A homeopath will take details of all the changes you notice in the run up to your period and select a remedy that covers the overall picture.

As an example of before and after quotes:

“I feel bloated and can be so grumpy and moody.  Mum really winds me up”

“I didn’t even realise my period was coming!”

Irregular periods

It often takes a few months for periods to settle to a regular pattern when they first start and it can sometimes take much longer.  A homeopathic prescription will often help to establish a regular rhythm.

Concerns that periods haven’t started

The age of menarche (or 1st period) varies considerably, between about ages 10 and 15.  Girls who haven’t had a first period by 16 are advised to see their GP, so that health problems that could be behind this can be investigated.  Many girls get anxious sooner than this, as they see all their friends starting ahead of them, and I find that homeopathic treatment frequently results in periods starting in such cases.

One teenager described how she felt at her 1st consultation and then at her 2nd like this:

“I still haven’t had a period.  I get lots of signs, like other girls get, but they just go away.  I just want to be like all my friends.”

“My period came – yay!”

Common Remedies you may like to try

If one of the descriptions below sounds like the pain you get, try a dose in a 30c strength and see if it helps.  If it does, take another dose only if the pain reoccurs.  Never continue to take an ineffective remedy.

mag phos – for pain that makes you want to curl up and hug a hot water bottle

cham – pain feels intolerable and makes you angry, so you may shout or swear about it

lach – pain is worst just before your period comes on and then passes quickly once bleeding is under way, it builds up inside you and feels intense

More help for Teenage Period Problems

If none of the remedy descriptions above really matches your symptoms or if you have tried one without any improvement, I suggest you book in for a consultation as there are many more possibilities.  A homeopath can look at all your symptoms (physical and emotional) and identify the remedy that is most suitable to ease your discomfort and balance your moods.  I look forward to hearing from you.