What is a homeopathic detox?

Homeopathic detox is a means of clearing lingering side effects from medications and environmental toxins. If you have persisting health problems, this can sometimes be an important step along your path to rebuilding your health.

How do you decide a detox is appropriate?

At your initial consultation we will look in depth at what has contributed to the creation of your health problem.  Particularly important are any illnesses or events from which you feel you have never fully recovered.  We will also consider whether medications you have used or toxins you have been exposed to may be significant.

Traditional homeopathic remedies matched to you as an individual will often be enough to stimulate recovery from these.  However, sometimes a more in depth detoxing process will be beneficial and we may discuss using this approach.

What substances can you detox?

We can adapt a homeopathic detox protocol to a very wide range of substances that may have lowered your health.  Ones I commonly detox include:

  • the Pill or other hormonal contraception
  • steroids (used as creams, inhalers or pills)
  • medications for childbirth or surgery
  • IVF drugs
  • painkillers

However, the method is suitable for many other substances, such as:

  • tobacco
  • recreational drugs
  • heavy metals
  • x-rays
  • …. and many more

What does the detox involve?

I usually include 3 elements in a detox. These are:

  • support remedies to maximise your body’s ability to detox.  An example would be homeopathic remedies for your liver or kidneys or other weak organs.  You will usually take these every day.
  • detox remedies specific to the substance likely to have contributed to your health problem.  You will normally take these  twice a week in increasing strength over a number of weeks.
  • individualised remedies matched to you and your personal characteristics, which you will typically take once a week.

How long does homeopathic detox take?

We will work at a pace that suits your energy levels and overall state of health.  The process can take as little as 4 weeks but I will often take things more gently over 2 months or longer.  Each case is unique.

It is also possible that we need to detox more than 1 thing.  We may for example, start with the contraceptive pill and then move on to another drug you feel has not suited you.  We will work through these one at a time.

How will it help me?

Often people have a sense that a drug or other substance has affected them negatively and may come to me asking for help to detox this.  On other occasions, people have not made the connection and it is only when we talk through their health history that the penny drops and they realise their problems could all be down, or at least partly down, to a particular exposure.  Either way, homeopathic detox could be a key step along your path back to good health.

I find that homeopathic detox is a very valuable tool in many cases of chronic ill health and can be the starting point for a marked improvement.  If you read some of the patient stories in this blog, you will see that I have often used detox with good improvements in energy levels and general sense of well-being.  You could for example read about:

Like to know more?

To ask further questions, please book a free phone call with me and we can discuss your individual case.  I look forward to hearing from you.