Why should you consider homeopathy to support you with weight loss?

Struggling with your weight?  Feel you’re eating sensibly and exercising regularly but the pounds just won’t shift?  Has it occurred to look into homeopathy for women who would like to lose weight?

Homeopathic treatment is not an alternative to diet and exercise, nor is it an instant fix, but it can be a positive way to address other issues that may be limiting your progress.

Reasons you may be struggling to lose weight

Underactive Thyroid

I see a lot of women with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) in my practice and for many of them being overweight is one of the symptoms they would most like to get rid of.  An underactive thyroid makes your metabolism sluggish and you burn calories less efficiently.  Exercising may be difficult due to other common symptoms – fatigue, muscle weakness and aches and pains.   You can read more about thyroid problems on my main website or other blog posts.  If you have a low thyroid, I would encourage you to look for and address the underlying causes.  I may be able to support you in achieving this and so help you to speed up your metabolism and aid weight loss.


If you feel frequently stressed, this too could be thwarting your attempts to lose weight.  When we feel stressed, our levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise.  This can make us crave carbohydrates and store fat around our middles particularly.  If you carry your excessive weight on your abdomen, moderating your stress levels could help.

Options to consider would include:

  • exercise
  • relaxation
  • deep breathing
  • meditation

For more ideas about managing your stress levels, see my post on Handling everyday stresses well

Hormonal Changes

For some women, hormonal changes can result in weight gain or difficulty losing weight.  Ask yourself whether your difficulties with your weight might date from any of these events:

  • starting to use the Pill or other hormonal contraception
  • pregnancy
  • menopause

if you think there is a link, mention this to your homeopath as it will help them select the best remedy for you.

Food choices

What you eat is of course important if you are trying to lose weight.  Many modern foods are highly processed and contain numerous additives.  If you read the ingredient list, there may be items that are completely unfamiliar.  If you can’t relate these names to a fresh food, do you really want to be eating them?

Aim to eat plenty of fresh vegetables.  Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are good sources of further nutrients.   Nuts, seeds and legumes are good additions and vegetarians and vegans can focus on a wide range of these.  These more natural foods will leave you feeling satisfied and balance blood sugar levels, so that you are not looking for snacks within a short time of eating.

Homeopathy for women who would like to lose weight

A professional homeopath can consider all aspects of your health and more general characteristics and then pick a remedy to match these.  When I work with women who would like to lose weight I will pay particular attention to factors affecting weight loss.  Among these would be:

  • emotional issues
  • diet
  • digestive health
  • exercise
  • hormonal balance

I will then chose a remedy to support them in their goal of losing weight.  The matching process is complex and takes experience and I would not recommend you try to treat yourself for weight problems (see here for when it is appropriate to treat yourself).  However to give you a flavour of a few of the factors I would consider, I shall now look at some possible remedies and why a homeopath might choose them.

Some homeopathic remedies as examples

Calc Carb

CALC CARB is a remedy that can help with a sluggish metabolism at all ages, from children to the elderly.  It is helpful for people who tend to carry their excess fat around the waist.  Those who will benefit from it often tend to be chilly, perspire easily especially on the head and feel worse for exercise, even going upstairs.  It is a useful remedy for weight problems with an underactive thyroid or following pregnancy.


GRAPHITES: This remedy too is helpful for women who are overweight and feel the cold easily.  Other physical problems that are often seen are constipation and cracked weeping skin rashes.  Periods may well be late and it is a remedy that can be needed at the menopause.

Kali Carb

KALI CARB: this is a possible remedy when there are thyroid or hormonal problems.  Women needing kali carb will be weary, will perspire easily and may have backache.  They will dislike change and be dutiful family members.  Sleep difficulties are often seen too.


SEPIA: one of the best remedies for overweight women with hormonal problems.  These can be due to contraceptive pills, implants, injections or coils, to pregnancy or the menopause.  The woman is usually chilly, though she may be plagued with hot flushes.  She may well be irritable with loved ones and long to escape for some time on her own.  Exercise often helps these women.


LYCOPODIUM is good for women who store fat on their thighs or buttocks.  They are likely to crave sugar and have difficulties with blood sugar balance.  Digestive problems, bloating and flatulence are common.  They may have an underactive thyroid.  Emotionally, they can be inclined to be irritable.

Natrum mur

NATRUM MUR is a remedy to consider for women with fat concentrated on the bottom and thighs.  It is useful if weight gain followed a bereavement or other stress or is accompanied by depression.  These women are often loners who are private about their feelings and they may well be prone to headaches.

Wondering about trying homeopathy?

There are many other possible remedies in homeopathy for women who would like to lose weight.  If you are interested to discuss whether homeopathy could help you with this, please book a free call with me.  I look forward to talking to you.