Did you know you can use homeopathy for worrying? Anxiety is a very common reason for people of all ages to come to my homeopathy practice.  So let me give you an idea of the range of reasons why people seek treatment from me for anxiety. In the last few months, this has included:

  • Separation anxiety in young children starting at playgroup
  • Exam anxiety in teenagers
  • Anxiety in young women which they associate with starting the contraceptive pill
  • Fear of flying
  • Free floating anxiety – “I just worry about every little thing”, “I never really relax”
  • Anxiety about a health condition or fear of a possible health condition
  • Anticipatory anxiety about a forthcoming event or medical procedure
  • Anxiety linked to work, fear of not performing well or failing to meet expectations
  • Fear dating from a traumatic event in the past

Fortunately, homeopathy has many remedies that can ease worries and fears.  As always with homeopathy, you will get the best results by matching a remedy to the precise symptoms of the individual person.

Homeopathy for worrying – an example

As one example, let me tell you about Jack.  Jack was a primary school aged child who was quick to worry about anything and everything.  Storms, new situations, school assemblies and concerts, lifts – all would spark great anxiety with tummy aches, retching and trembling. He kept his feelings to himself and was happiest staying quietly at home. I chose a remedy that matched this personality.

After a month Jack showed definite signs of improvement – anxiety was much less frequent but he had experienced 1 episode of panic before something new. Next, I repeated the remedy in a higher strength.  His mother then reported that he was definitely better for a long time. In fact, he didn’t need another remedy for 20 months.  Then Jack had the remedy once more to support him through the transition to secondary school.

So if you are worried about worrying (one of the commonest worries I see!), homeopathy might be just what you need.  Why not book a free call with me to learn more?