Thyroid Testimonials

Here is a selection of reviews from clients of mine who had diagnosed thyroid conditions.

Please be aware that homeopathy treats the person rather than any named disease.  I therefore match treatment to each individual with whom I work, rather than to any diagnostic label they mention.  However, in response to many questions about my experience of working with people with particular conditions, I have compiled this list of examples.

Hashimoto’s (Autoimmune Underactive Thyroid)

“After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and having felt unwell for the best part of a year, I went to see Gill in desperation. I’d come to a point where I didn’t recognise myself anymore, due to the physical changes and fluctuations in energy that come with the condition and I felt like my health was deteriorating at an alarming rate, on an almost daily basis. After only a few sessions with Gill, I feel like a different person. The changes have been nothing short of miraculous, as proven by my blood test results, which show my thyroid hormones are almost back to normal range. It’s working. I can’t thank Gill enough for her support, compassion and for giving me back a sense of control over my health. She is a master in her field and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.”

“Conception can be incredibly difficult for thyroid patients, and to have success on the third cycle without being medicated is pretty amazing. I’m sure Gill’s remedies helped with that.”


“Everything is going really well. I feel well and even my husband has noticed I’m not saying I’m tired all the time!!!”

“My memory is better. I’m more aware, got more focus and my mindset is very positive.”

“I no longer feel cold. My fatigue is gone…I feel like a completely different person.”

“I felt better almost immediately – like someone had put the lights on.”

De Quervain’s Thyroiditis

“The homeopathy stopped my migraines, helped with the tiredness and also alleviated many other symptoms. I would highly recommend Gill for anyone struggling with their thyroid.”

Graves Disease

“I feel so much better thanks to your help and ongoing support.  My friend nagged me to see you because she had had great help from you and thought I would benefit from your help and I am very happy she did . It’s very hard when you feel so dreadful but with no outwards sign of illness.  You begin to wonder if your making it up.  I used to feel so guilty that I would let people down, so I gave up teaching and stopped making arrangement to go out with friends. I feel so much better now and have a much more positive attitude for the future.”

Thank you

I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to write these reviews.  I hope they give you a flavour of the people I work with and their personal experiences of homeopathic treatment.

More Thyroid Testimonials

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(The testimonials on this website represent the personal opinions of patients.  Please do not take them as evidence that homeopathy works. The Advertising Standards Authority rules prevent me from claiming that homeopathy can treat any specific medical conditions.)