I often recommend a bottle of liquid Homeobotanical &/or HomeoHerbal remedies alongside your homeopathic pills. 

Many of my clients tell me how much they like taking these remedies and report great results from them.

So what are they and what part do they play in your treatment?

What are Homeobotanical & HomeoHerbal remedies?

These are liquid herbs, which have been diluted to avoid side effects and shaken to dynamise them (just like homeopathic remedies). 

Homeobotanical remedies were developed in New Zealand in the 1980s. HomeoHerbals were added to the range more recently and are sourced and produced in the UK.

They are gentle, effective and safe for adults and children.

Examples of how they can help you

Some of the commonest purposes for which I suggest these are:

  • calming in stressful times
  • increased energy levels
  • help with concentration and focus
  • support for any weak organs
  • gut healing and the relief of digestive discomfort, such as acidity and bloating
  • speeding recovery from colds and coughs
  • encouraging sound sleep
  • nutritional support, using nutrient rich plant extracts

How I prescribe these Remedies for you:

Homeobotanical and HomeoHerbal remedies may form part of your homeopathic treatment, to target specific organs and systems of your body.

Using the information you tell me during your consultation, I select and combine them to meet your personal needs.

Then I prescribe them for you to take in addition to higher potency homeopathic remedies, matched to your individual symptom picture. 

The Homeobotanical & HomeoHerbal remedies are therefore a natural complement to this deeper prescribing, enhancing your overall treatment.

How to take your Homeobotanical & HomeoHerbal remedies:

These come in robust bottles, easily kept to hand in your handbag or work bag. I supply them with dropper tops which makes taking them very simple.

Firstly, tip your bottle down and up to mix the contents before each dose.   

Then just put the drops under your tongue / in your mouth. 

More Information

There is more information on the website for Homeobotanicals and HomeoHerbals UK & Europe.

You will find references to these remedies on some of my blog pages, for instance how I use them for helping people prone to hay fever.

To discuss how these might help you, alongside homeopathic treatment, you are welcome to book a free 20 minute chat with me.