Would you think of homeopathy to help your memory?  I would like to tell you about a lady I have worked with recently with an under-active thyroid.  Her top priority at her first appointment was her memory.  She would often forget the names of things and people’s names too could elude her.  She told me she couldn’t think or act fast.

Homeopathic Approach

Over a few appointments I prescribed a remedy that matched her overall, alongside support for her adrenal and thyroid glands, and a series of remedies to address her history of severe Glandular Fever.

Memory & Hypothyroidism

Memory problems and difficulty thinking clearly are common with an under-active thyroid.  Commonly referred to as brain fog, it can impact significantly on day to day life and particularly on working.  When I ask new patients with hypothyroidism or chronic fatigue about their top priority for treatment, they often mention brain fog and memory.  Fortunately, after homeopathic treatment they often say this is much better

Back to the case study

So let’s return to the lady I mentioned at the beginning.  She reported a significant improvement in her memory even by her second consultation.  When we reviewed overall progress at consultation no. 4, she told me that her treatment had had “a very positive effect overall”:

“my brain fog has definitely shifted, my concentration is better and I feel more alert.  My fatigue is also better – I am more energised in the morning and my sleep is really improved.  I now go into a profound sleep.  In the past I was always listening and aware.  The remedies have impacted me on an emotional level too.  I feel more able to cope.  I’m less anxious and worried and more centred – in fact that is one of the best shifts on the remedies.  I am less depressed, have fewer bad thoughts, more optimistic.”