Homeopathy for Longstanding Hypothyroidism

In 2017-8 I took on a group of patients with a diagnosis of an under-active thyroid.  My aim was to learn more about homeopathy for hypothyroidism.  Specifically, I hoped to see whether treatment was more effective for patients who started homeopathic treatment sooner after diagnosis.  In fact, there was no such pattern in the results.  The 2 people on medication for their underactive thyroid for the longest period improved significantly.


Here one of them, “Nora” (not her real name) describes her experience of homeopathic treatment:

“Last year I decided that after 20+ years of hypothyroidism and all of its not so lovely symptoms, it was time I started to look at ways I could potentially help myself.  I was overweight, tired, losing my memory (words), poor skin/nail/hair condition and prone to random bouts of horrible depression.  On my first appointment Gill suggested I try going Gluten Free and explained how gluten intolerance was linked to hypothyroidism.  I followed her suggestion and found that it wasn’t too hard to do and along with a healthier eating regime I have now lost a stone in weight – tick!  On my second appointment I mentioned that my mood was starting to drop and I just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for Christmas or life in general.  Gill prescribed a ‘miracle’ remedy and within days my mood had lifted significantly and hasn’t dropped since – tick! By the third appointment I had noticed that my brain was sharper and I was able to recall words and situations more readily – big tick!.” 

Nora concludes by saying her treatment “has improved my life massively and I am truly grateful for that”.  Many thanks Nora for writing this account and allowing me to use it here.  I hope it shows the potential for homeopathic treatment to benefit those with hypothyroidism, even after decades on medication.

You can read case studies of other people with hypothyroidism in the Thyroid category of this blog site.  See for example one with a focus on memory.

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