“For the first time ever I didn’t know my period was coming” – homeopathy for ovulation pain

Alison when I met her

Alison came to her first consultation saying she was struggling with her hormones.  Both at mid-cycle and in the run up to her period, her moods were all over the place, swinging between very low and very angry.  She also suffered from crippling ovulation pain.  This was so intense that it was hard to stand up straight and she was reliant on painkillers to get through this day each month.

Alison’s history of contraceptive pill usage

Alison had gone onto the contraceptive pill at age 16 and remained on it for 12 years until she wanted to have children.  This was now a good few years ago but I suspected that the Pill had upset her hormonal balance and was still having an effect.  We therefore decided to use remedies to help her body clear the after effects of the Pill.  This “Pill Detox” is an approach I use frequently with women who have problems that date from starting the Pill.  I also consider it for those who have hormonal problems and a history of years of using hormonal contraception.   (Hormonal contraception includes the combined Pill, the mini Pill, Mirena coil, patches or injections).

A few weeks later I received an excited email:

”For the first time ever I had no mid cycle pain.. I’m so chuffed”. 

She had needed no painkillers and had been astonished when her period arrived. The ovulation pain at mid-cycle and intense anger pre-menstrually had both gone.

Alison now feels happy her hormones are in balance – what a change from her first consultation!  We still have some work to do on Alison’s self-esteem.  We will also continue to monitor her monthly cycle for a bit but I don’t expect her to feel ruled by her hormones again.

Side-effects of hormonal contraception

If you feel the contraceptive pill has affected you, do get in touch.  The side effects can be many and various and may include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • PMS
  • low libido
  • fatigue
  • a general sense of not being quite yourself

I regularly prescribe homeopathic remedies in such cases with the aim of re-balancing hormones and moods.  Women often tell me how pleased they are with the improvement in their overall sense of well-being.

Want to know more?  – do get in touch.