What would it mean not to be plagued by hay fever?  Would you love to lie in a grassy meadow?  be able to enjoy dog walks in June?  not have to worry about hay fever affecting you during exams?

Preventative treatment for hay fever using homeopathic remedies could help you realise these dreams.

In this post, I shall outline what is involved in treatment for hay fever prevention.

First a quick look at what happens when you have hay fever

Hay fever symptoms may appear to be just on the surface – itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose, for example.  However, hay fever is actually a deep-seated complaint.  Your immune system, which should protect you against bacteria, viruses and so on, is over-reacting to pollen, a substance that should be harmless.  Once in this heightened state of alertness, it may also be more inclined to over-react to dust, animal hair etc.  Conventional treatments such as anti-histamines and nasal sprays are aimed at suppressing symptoms for a short period of time, not at preventing them from recurring.

Hay fever prevention using homeopathy

Preventative treatment with homeopathy involves using a number of different remedies to reduce your tendency to develop symptoms in the coming hay fever season.  The remedies I choose will be matched to your individual needs but often include:

  • remedies made from pollens to build up your resistance
  • remedies matched to you individual profile, including your health history, personality and more. (You may have heard these referred to as constitutional remedies.)
  • remedies to address patterns of health in your family and in particular any tendency to allergies
  • Homeobotanical remedies (organic herbs, homeopathically prepared and taken in liquid form)

When will I need consultations?

The preventative treatment involves 2 consultations, at each of which I shall prescribe remedies for you to take over the following month.  The ideal times for appointments are September/October and January/February.  However if, like many people, you tend to forget about your hay fever until the Spring, I can condense the treatment for you.  It is still worth booking in even in March or April but you are likely to get the best results by starting in the autumn.

The first consultation

At your first hay fever prevention consultation, we will discuss your hay fever in detail, including:

  • when it started
  • what treatments you have tried
  • what symptoms you suffer from
  • anything you have noticed that makes it better or worse

We will also talk about more general aspects of you.  I shall then prescribe remedies for you to take over the next month.  There will usually be several of these, some daily and some on specific days of the week only.

The second consultation

At the second appointment, we will review how you are and consider the most appropriate preventative remedies for you to take over the next month.

We shall also discuss what you can expect in the coming hay fever season.  Typically, symptoms will reduce in intensity and frequency in the first summer after preventative treatment and may go completely after a few winters of treatment.  At this consultation, I shall therefore also prescribe a remedy for you to use as needed in the hay fever symptom for any symptoms that do arise.

A patient’s experience

For a patient’s experience, see my post on hay fever free after 30 summers of antihistamines. I treated this patient some years ago and have since developed my preventative treatment approach further and tend to use additional remedies in the winter.  It nevertheless shows the results that you too could experience.

So now you’ve read what preventative treatment involves, would you like to be able to stop relying on anti-histamines and enjoy the summer months ahead more? 

Maybe you’re reading this through streaming eyes when you are in the thick of your hay fever season?  There are still homeopathic remedies that can help – see my post on Help for Hay fever Symptoms Now – but for the best results longer term consider out of season treatment too.

If you’d like to ask questions, just drop me an email or book a free 20 minute chat.  Keen to get going?  You can book your consultation online now.  I look forward to seeing you soon.