Homeopathy can offer safe, gentle and natural help for your child’s sleep.  It is suitable for use in wakeful babies, restless toddlers and anxious school-age children.

Remedies you can try at home for your child’s sleep

If your child just has the odd disturbed night, you could try one of these homeopathic remedies:
Gelsemium if your child can’t settle because they are worrying about what is happening tomorrow
Kali-phos for the child who is over-stimulated from an exciting day and can’t wind down
Chamomilla if they are crying, irritable and inconsolable, particularly with pain

Looking into the reasons for the poor sleep

For regular sleep problems, however, you need the help of a professional homeopath to look further into the problem. Is your child struggling to settle to sleep in the evening?  Are they waking during the night?  Are they finding sleeping alone at all a real challenge? What might be the reason for the poor sleep?

Parents have often tried the first steps of establishing a regular routine to wind down to bedtime and making sure the child is not cold, hot, hungry or being disturbed by noise. Next the homeopath will consider whether there is an element of worry, maybe about the dark, imagined monsters under the bed or separation from the parent. Sleep may be being disrupted by nightmares or night terrors or the child may be upset by something that is going on in their life, commonly anxiety about a change such as starting school. Homeopathy can be a very effective way of helping children to handle emotions such as these better so that sleep can be peaceful.

Sometimes insomnia is related to a physical problem such as teething or growing pains, itchy skin or reflux. Again, homeopathy may ease the discomfort so that they and you can get a good night’s sleep.

Disturbed sleep can leave your child not only tired but irritable and prone to infections.  The effects don’t stop there – of course other family members may suffer too. Severe sleep problems may even affect your child’s ability to learn. Restful, restorative sleep is crucial.

Finding out more about homeopathic treatment

If your child is struggling at night, do look for natural help for your child’s sleep.

To see a case study of a child whose sleep problems resolved with homeopathic treatment, read Lucy’s story in my tonsillitis blog post.

If you would like to learn more about how treatment from a homeopath could help, please book a free call with me so we can chat about this.