How would it be to clear your brain fog?:

Would you love to go shopping without worrying you might forget your PIN number or where you parked your car?

Perhaps you long to be able to relax in social situations without feeling stupid for losing the thread of a conversation?

Maybe the thing that would make the most difference for you would be being able to focus on work or study without that sense of struggling through a smokescreen?

Brain fog: what is it?

All of the above are signs of brain fog if they occur more than occasionally.

However, brain fog isn’t a health condition of itself.  It often accompanies another medical problem and is an indication of inflammation and imbalance.  Call it fibro fog, thyroid brain or chronic fatigue brain fog, it is all essentially the same debilitating phenomenon.   You may experience difficulty with:

  • memory and recalling facts
  • processing information and working things out
  • clarity about where you are or what time/day it is
  • planning and organisation

All of this is draining and can lead to fatigue and low mood.

Break through the fog!

Fortunately, there is plenty that can be done to help you clear your brain fog.

  1. First, let’s look at lifestyle changes you can make yourself that will be beneficial.
  2. Then, I shall discuss some of the approaches I use with clients in my homeopathy practice.

Lifestyle changes to help clear your brain fog

The 4 big lifestyle issues that affect physical and mental well-being are Sleep, Food & Drink, Exercise and Stress.  They may sound boring but they are vital to recovery from just about any health problem and certainly from brain fog, so please don’t skip this section!

Sleep & exercise

  • Sleep: lack of quality sleep is a major contributor to brain fog so if you aren’t managing 7-9 hours of sound sleep a night, prioritise time in bed.  If you have difficulty sleeping, you may find some useful pointers in my post on Natural ways to Sleep better
  • Exercise: There is plenty of evidence that exercise improves cognitive function and mood.  (See one recent study for an example).  If your energy levels are very low, start with just a five minute walk a day and gradually increase this to 20 minutes as you feel able.  Exercising outdoors in natural light brings additional benefits for mood and hormone balance.

Food & drink

  • Beneficial foods: our brains need a good range of vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs) and we absorb these best from food sources rather than supplements.  Aim to eat a wide range of different and colourful vegetables and also healthy fats such as olive and coconut oil.  Include oily fish or vegan sources of EFAs such as flaxseed oil and walnuts.
  • Blood sugar balance: If your blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly this will most definitely worsen brain fog.  To avoid this, eat wholefood carbohydrates instead of refined ones and eat protein foods with your carbohydates.  Try cutting out sugar such as cakes, biscuits and sweet drinks and moderating fruit juices and dried fruit and you may be surprised how much more clearly you can think.
  • Dehydation: dehydation will also worsen brain fog.  Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid or moderate caffeinated drinks and alcohol which can worsen dehydration.  If you are often thirsty but don’t feel the water really gets into your cells, some salt may help.  As long as you don’t have high blood pressure, try dissolving 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt or Celtic salt (not table salt) in a glass of water as your first drink of the day.


  • Moderate stress: long-term stress has a profound effect on many hormones such as seratonin, dopamine, adrenal hormones and thyroid hormones.  This will effect your ability to sleep well, your energy levels and your overall metabolism and therefore contribute to brain fog.  Consider how you can reduce stress and make a little time each day or week just for you for an unwind – maybe a warm bath, a walk, some deep breathing or a curl up with a good book.  Turn off your mobile phone and be distraction free.  (The impact of modern technology constantly interrupting us is having a profound impact on stress levels for many of us.)

Still suffering from brain fog?

If you don’t know where to start of if you’ve tried the lifestyle changes suggested above and your brain fog persists, consider seeing someone to look more deeply into causes and support your recovery.

Approaches I use with clients with brain fog:

I will start with a detailled consultation, exploring when problems started, what was going on around that time and what specifically does brain fog make most difficult for you.

Your consultation

We will spend an hour together, discussing in detail how your are feeling.  I will be asking about major or long-lasting emotional stresses that may have left you vulnerable to foggy thinking.  We will talk about other physical health issues that may be contributing e.g. chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, an under-active thyroid or over-active thyroid, imbalance of female hormones, weak gut function, blood sugar imbalance or lingering infections.  I will also learn as much as I can about you more generally as this guides me in selecting homeopathic remedies.

Your personal treatment plan to clear your brain fog

Having collected all this information, I will suggest an individually tailored treatment plan which may include the following:

  • a homeopathic remedy matched to your overall collection of symptoms to stimulate your recovery
  • remedies to rebalance gut flora and improve digestion
  • remedies to address hormone imbalances
  • support remedies for your adrenal or thyroid glands
  • homeopathic remedies to address your story of particular emotional stresses
  • bespoke blends of organic herbs (homeopathically prepared) with an affinity for brain function.  (Examples include Gotu kola, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba)
  • combinations of tissue salts (also known as cell salts) to support brain function (such as calc-phos, kali-phos and nat-mur)

What Clients have said about homeopathy for brain fog

You can see some quotes from clients I have treated in my introductory post on easing brain fog

Like to talk to me?

If you are interested in discussing whether homeopathic treatment might help you clear your brain fog, feel free to book a free chat by phone or video call.